10 Facts about me


I saw many people in facebook posting 10 things about them. I feel it is interesting so I decide to come up with h10 things about me 🙂 as well.

  1. I live in Bangkok for my whole life but in fact I was born in ‘Phitsanulok’ (พิษณุโลก) which is in the north of middle part of Thailand.
  2. My mom and I are very close, we like friends. She acts as a mom so many times and sometimes we switch the role…not so nice isn’t it 😛
  3. I have one bigger brother who is 12 year-older than me!! so we’re not close to each other at all. We also have so much different lifestyle and personality. He’s totally a playboy but I’m totally a geek! (However, he inspired me to love Mathematics since I was so young. He tough me how to multiply the signs like ++=+, -+=-, –=+… it’s not easy at that time :D)
  4. I like to keep my success with myself and shared with only close people such as my mom, my boyfriend, one of my bestfriends (Bell), if it’s about my work I will talk to my supervisors. That’s all I think! .. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. So I tend to not share anything.. any joke or any thing on facebook.. anymore
  5. I love English the language.. it’s such a beautiful language! (maybe I know nothing else than English) that’s why I pick English speaking country to do a PhD. I started when I watched American Series – my first one and all time favourite is ‘Dawson’s creek’  when I was 13 and it is still in my memory. For now, I just watch everything – Big Bang, HIMYM, GOT, Downton Abbey, etc.
  6. My favourite dish is Salmon and dessert is Sweet Potatoes
  7. I hate acne! I guess ppl have their own turning point in their life and not only one turning point. But one of my turning points is acne that change the way I believe, think and live more sustainably.
  8. I have daily bowel movement in the morning since I can remember! which I’m so proud of *_*
  9. I want to be a lecturer one day I just want to teach and do research .. in any University for the rest of my life 🙂
  10. I strongly believe in uncertainty of every single piece in the world!

All done! My life is not so complicated so that’s all about me.


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