FitnessPal for Monitoring My Food Log

I have been using the application ‘MyFitnessPal‘ for a while. It can be synced with my phone and my computer (on browser) which is very handy.


At first, the app will be used for losing weight, but then I found that losing weight is so easy especially if you limit your calorie intake and exercise. I love exercise!



However, my acne isn’t going away even if I am on BP as well. Finally, I found out that SUGAR is the first key point of my eating.


You can see that in the first 2 months, I ate sugar like crazy.. no wonder why my liver can’t cope and how many number of candida in my stomach.

From WHO, the suggested daily intake of sugar should be around 25 grams per day or 6 teaspoons. But the app allowed you to have up to 40 grams per day.

So, I cut the amount of sugar intake each day. However, it’s not like getting better by tomorrow. I eat everything as well accept sugar because I went for a conference trip (e.g., I don’t eat fruits but I eat milk) but after that I try to eat less carbohydrates and no refined ones.

Also, I found that if I take certain amount of Vitamin A, my face will grow and looks so healthy (but with acne haha), so that’s why I started eating carrots and sweet potatoes more lately.


More than that, I found that If I consume the fat more than suggested intake (40-50 grams), whiteheads on the upper cheek will be developed. So I have to limit the fat intake to certain amount as well. I always love ‘Brazil nuts, Almond, Pumpkin and Walnut’ but I gotta to think before I throw them into my mouth.

Now, I am on quite strict but happy diet to try on if it helps me with the acne 🙂 so more like an experiment to myself.

This app helps me a lot to make sure that I am on the right track. It helps you realize what nutrition of what you eat and it syncs with UK food barcode so it is very easy to use :).

In summary, I think it is a useful application but try not to obsess with it so much, that is only thing I can say.



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