After first night of Caveman and Candida

I read recent blog by Tracy again.. (Love her!!)

Just saw the modified Caveman.. click here So I think I might go with it..

will give it a try for 4 days first 🙂

so.. today is my second day.. it feels so so strange that I didn’t wash my face.. others would think I’m so disgusting haha but it’s ok.

Update! my face is so oily super super oily.. but I will not take it out of my face so my face will learn that.. no more oil.. don’t produce more.. I hate you hahahaha… it’s like training phase of my (body) machine learning.. How amazing our body isn’t it!!

However, I got breakout.. at the same points after calm down a bit few days ago. What I found is…. the first article of Tracy’s blog.. ‘Probiotics’.. click here 

Ohh my gosh! it totally answer everything (again) .. I try to clean my Liver as my sugar and carbs intake in the past is so high.. but this is better.  The candida is overgrown for many many years. The more sugar and (refined) carbs I take, the more the candida is alive and grow and grow.. 😦 sound so scary. What I have to do is continue ‘Eat Clean’ but………………………… sadly…

I stop eating fruits for like a month and yesterday I saw the way to clean my liver using Kale and some fruits and cure my skin with Vitamin A. So I bought BIG packs of SWEET POTATO and CARROT before I found out about candida

I want to cry.. according to here, the food to avoid including ‘sweet potatoes  and carrot’.. so so sad. Last night I become obsessed about the candida and can’t sleep until I figure it out that I will keep both of them in the freezer, so I can sleep.

That answered why I have a lot of sweet potatoes for two days, but the pimples become inflamed again.. so.. bye bye sweet potatoes for a while.

However, I still think carrot is ok to eat as before I took carrots and the pimples dried quite quick, but it has to be in small portion, I guess.

Finally, I got to be clear that the skin problem and the immune system is different so I have to stick to ‘Eat Clean’ + ‘Caveman’ to cure it.

Will update again about my caveman and the mission of get rid of candida naturally! (as my acne is still under my control now I will not use the Probiotics in the drug store.. at the moment)

Bye for now!



One thought on “After first night of Caveman and Candida”

  1. Don’t stress out so much! The worst thing you can do is believe the food you’re eating is bad for you. It’s food that was grown and meant to nourish you, so bless it! You can wash/rub your face with water to spread the oil around. Give your face a massage 🙂 by letting your skin relax, you let it create an environment of healing, it will do its job with pleasure. Good luck!

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